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In May 2009 when the US economy started recovering, Lorven Technologies decided to strategically diversify and add new products development division

Software Product Methodology:

There are five major phases in the life cycle of a software product management and Lorven labs Product is built along these lines to prompt and have the development teams certify the product as it moves through the lifecycle.

Every step is detailed to provide the environment of real life development lifecycle- may be Agile, may be RUP or other that Collaborator’s build into the system.

  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Market Entry
  • Development
  • Evolution

Strategy is the envisioning aspect of product development and is the phase when the team ideates about a new product that grows out of the brainstorming mode.

Concept is the phase when technology and visionaries meet to determine feasibility.

Market Entry is a crucial phase when the team pulls in the market analysts for viability and pricing.

Development begins next and collaborators in the Lab actually need to start rolling up their sleeves to take build models around ideas and write code to make the ideas work.

Testing comes after each, small or large build and release & the development cycle and works iteratively in evolutionary mode.


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