Remain compliant, increase efficiency and stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly dynamic business landscape.

Deregulation opened up a number of new businesses to banking and accelerated the consolidation of the financial services industry through mergers and acquisitions. This set the stage for the establishment of huge banking organizations of unprecedented size and complexity. Cost cutting continues to be a priority for banks including reduction of transaction costs, consolidation and rationalization.

Financial services institutions (FSIs) are also focusing on using technology to unlock differentiation, acquire new customers and increase revenue. Large FSIs will continue to develop new technologies and adapt to legislative and regulatory changes (such as Basel II and Check 21).

Introducing Lorven’s Solutions for Financial Services Institutions

Lorven provides solutions that help FSIs cope with the intensifying competition.

IoT Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Application Development Solutions

Data Analytics and Visualization

IT Consulting & Staffing

Key Features

Equity aggregation

Real-time banking and trading systems

Internet banking systems

Cash management systems

Bill payment systems


Core data processing systems

Electronic forms and submissions

Business intelligence and data warehousing applications

Legacy migration and integration

CRM systems

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