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    Application Maintenance

    SERVICES – Application Maintenance

    Lorven can work with you to support and maintain your applications. The potential magnitude of downtime and performance issues caused by poor Application Management can be extremely costly and may result in:

    • Loss of customer goodwill
    • Reduced employee productivity
    • Poor IT productivity
    • Penalties for missed service-level agreements

    We can work with you to address issues surrounding poor Application Management.

    • Our ability to improve productivity over time when supporting IT systems
    • Our consistency in meeting established service levels to the full satisfaction of our clients
    • Effective resource management
    • Methodology for updating documentation and transferring knowledge from in-house experts to outsourcing teams
    • Product support experience
    • Effective knowledge management arising out of application maintenance and support
    Lorven’s Value Proposition

    When it boils down to it, the actual metrics for measuring the success of outsourcing Application Management will be improvement of performance and availability, reduction in the number of incidents, reduction of TCO and, optimal client satisfaction. We at Lorven, can work with you to help you achieve your ultimate application management objectives, by ensuring that

    • Your Business goals are aligned with IT priorities
    • You have a centralized view that links end-user, service-level, system, and business-process perspectives
    • You can proactively detect and prevent application downtime
    • You are consistently able to deliver on service-level agreements
    • You can quickly restore systems and applications that do experience unplanned downtime or performance problems.