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    Professional Service

    SERVICES – Professional Service

    The technological issues encountered by a business often come up unexpectedly and in areas that the current IT department may be ill equipped to remedy in a timely manner. Lorven Technologies knows that these issues need to be dealt with immediately. We aggressively recruit highly skilled consultants that can quickly join your team, understand your issue and consistently deliver quality results. Whether your business requires on-site consultants who integrate into your current IT team or off-site experts to complete a development project, Lorven Technologies provides qualified professionals that deliver superior IT solutions. By the time the consultant first meets with your company’s hiring manager, we have already determined their skills fit your requirements in Quality Compliance Domain Experience, ensuring you quicker hiring times and faster project delivery.

    Competitive Advantage

    Our highly skilled IT professionals are trained to enable our client to undertake new projects, new concept and tackle new product areas with greater speed. Because of our focus on technology, we are keenly aware of its application in different industries and product areas. We hire seasoned, industry related experts who will be successful at understanding your business and easily adapt to your corporate culture.

    World Class Specialists

    Our project teams have a deep knowledge of business systems, and are trained and experienced in cutting-edge technologies through knowledge sharing and continuing education programs. Most of Lorven’s consultants are skilled in more than one technology and on multiple platforms. Each has a varied experience levels (ranging from senior-seasoned professionals with over fifteen years of career experience to junior and intermediate professionals with a minimum of 3 years of career experience).

    Lorven’s Value Proposition

    We relieve you of the burden of IT candidate recruitment by managing the end-to-end recruitment process by:

    • Mapping your needs to available resources
    • Identifying the candidates that fit best with those needs
    • Pre-screening, interviewing, and testing candidates
    • Coordinating candidate introduction with your in-house IT staff or executive team (if required)
    • Monitoring candidate performance by assuming responsibility for their work quality
    • Adjusting team structure according to changing business needs